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Cygnus (Swan)

Month Best Visible


Hemisphere Visible

Northern and Southern

Albireo, a double star with blue an yellow componants is at the 'head' and Deneb, its brightest star, is at the 'tail'.

In Greek Mythology, two close friends competed against eachother in a race across the sky, flying to close to the sun, burnt their chariots and fell to earth. When waking, one was at the bottom of a river and the friend could not dive deep enough to fetch his body for a proper burial. Zeus said that if he gave him a body of a swan he could, but would remain a swan and loose his immortality. For the unselfish agreement Zeus placed the image of the swan into the night sky.

Neighbouring Constellations

Draco (Dragon)

Lyra (Lyre)

Pegasus (Flying Horse)

Cepheus (Cepheus)

Picture of Cygnus