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Scorpius (Scorpion)

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Scorpius contains many bright stars, including Antares (α Sco), β1 Sco (Graffias), δ Sco (Dschubba), θ Sco (Sargas), λ Sco (Shaula), ν Sco (Jabbah), ξ Sco (Girtab), π Sco (Iclil), ς Sco (Alniyat), τ Sco (also known as Alniyat) and υ Sco (Lesath). λ Sco and υ Sco, two stars at the end of the scorpion's tail that appear very close together, are sometimes referred to as the Cat's Eyes.

In Greek Mythology, Scorpius (the scorpion) was sent into the sky as the battle between Scorpius and Orion caught the attention of Zeus. Orion boasted he could kill every animal on earth to goddess Artemis who offered protection to all the creaturs and sent a scorpion who killed Orion.

Neighbouring Constellations

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Picture of Scorpius